WaterBotics FAQ Summary

A robot is sitting on a ledge in the water

General Overview

Who Can Join? WaterBotics is suitable for youth aged 12-18, offering a versatile curriculum that fits various educational settings, including summer camps and school classes. It’s designed to captivate a wide audience, from special education to gifted students, promoting engagement across genders and educational backgrounds.

Duration WaterBotics offers two tracks: a programming track (20-26 hours) and a non-programming track (14-18 hours), accommodating different educational needs and time frames.

Required Equipment For a comprehensive list of necessary materials and their costs, refer to the WaterBotics Equipment webpage.

Unique Features WaterBotics stands out by:

  • Enabling rapid prototyping with LEGO® parts.
  • Offering unique underwater challenges that foster teamwork and problem-solving.
  • Integrating science, engineering, and IT skills with a focus on 21st Century competencies.
  • Concluding with a showcase event instead of a competition, emphasizing learning and creativity.

Why Underwater Robotics? The underwater setting introduces students to the complexities and challenges engineers face, enhancing their learning through real-world problems and encouraging innovative design solutions.

Why LEGO®? LEGO® parts provide an intuitive, flexible platform for prototyping, allowing for creativity and iterative design, crucial for effective learning in robotics.

Implementation Settings WaterBotics is adaptable to both classroom and out-of-school environments, proven by a national study showing nearly equal participation in both settings. The curriculum is comprehensive, covering planning, equipment, and staff training needs.

Experience Requirements No prior experience with robotics or LEGO® is needed, making WaterBotics accessible to all educators and students.

Appeal to Girls WaterBotics is designed to be inclusive and engaging for both girls and boys, promoting STEM interest and career awareness among all participants.

Curriculum Insights

Educational Content The curriculum encompasses key concepts in science, engineering, and programming, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and design skills.

Alignment with Standards WaterBotics aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), emphasizing the engineering design process and integrating physical science standards.

Tracks Comparison WaterBotics includes both programming and non-programming tracks to cater to different age groups and time constraints, with equipment needs varying accordingly.

Curriculum License The curriculum is available for a fee, providing instructors with comprehensive resources, including lesson plans, simulations, and support materials.

This summary encapsulates the essential information about the WaterBotics program, highlighting its educational value, inclusivity, and adaptability to various learning environments.