WaterBotics Equipment

Programming vs Non-Programming Track

There are two ways to implement the WaterBotics project—a programming track and a non-programming track. The programming track makes use of the MINDSTORMS® EV3 or NXT components, sensors, and software, while the non-programming track relies instead on the Power Functions Infrared (IR) remote controllers. The choice of which track to take will have a significant impact on the equipment needed as well as the cost. Note that the Non-programming Track of WaterBotics does not use either the EV3 or NXT components. The materials that are needed for the different tracks are linked below. Each item is linked to a possible source to help you obtain individual parts. 

Important: As of January, 2016, LEGO® Education no longer sells the MINDSTORMS NXT component. NXT components may be available through other re-sellers such as on Amazon but purchase cannot be guaranteed. For those who already have NXT equipment, the additional equipment needs are linked below. 

In addition to obtaining the necessary equipment, the WaterBotics curriculum must also be purchased. Please see Purchase a License for more information.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these materials. Note that we cannot guarantee that all equipment will be available through the suggested vendors.





WaterBotics Equipment for EV3 
Programming Track
WaterBotics Equipment for NXT
Programming Track
WaterBotics Basic Equipment
Non-Programming Track