WaterBotics Equipment for NXT - Programming Track

 LEGO® Materials
 Other Supporting Materials

 Pre-packaged Kit  Ordering  Information

Individual items necessary to implement WaterBotics may be purchased separately through the suggested links above - most from with the exception of the last two items in Other Supporting Materials. LEGO materials (excluding the NXT base sets and software) are also available separately or as a kit through LEGO Education. Note that the only materials provided in the kit are LEGO materials NOT the other supporting materials listed above. 

 LEGO® Materials Kit

LEGO kit with all required LEGO components except the NXT base sets and software (for those users who already have them). Each kit provides enough materials to build 5 robots, which should work well for a group of 20 students, assuming 5 teams of 4 students each. To order a kit, contact your local sales representative. Use quote number QUO-23756-N2L850/0. The kit price is $1,051.42 including shipping. Any applicable state sales tax will be added at the time of purchase.

Important: This kit only contains LEGO materials NOT the other supporting materials listed above.