WaterBotics Equipment for EV3 - Programming Track

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Individual items necessary to implement WaterBotics may be purchased separately through the suggested links above - most from LEGO materials are also available separately or as a kit through LEGO Education. Note that the only materials provided in the kit are LEGO materials NOT the other supporting materials listed above. 

 LEGO® WaterBotics Materials Kit for EV3

LEGO kit with all required LEGO components for the EV3 programming track including the Power Functions IR Remote Controllers. Each kit provides enough materials to build 5 robots, which should work well for a group of 20 students, assuming 5 teams of 4 students each.To order a kit, contact your local sales representative. Use quote number QUO-23757-Z8B9H7/0. The kit price is $3069.14 including shipping. Any applicable state sales tax will be added at the  time of purchase.

Important: This kit only contains LEGO materials NOT the other supporting materials listed above.