Training Opportunity at the ITEEA Annual Conference

As part of a National Science Foundation-sponsored project, Stevens Institute of Technology is offering teachers the opportunity to participate in a blended training course for WaterBotics—a rich and exciting underwater robotics project using LEGO® building materials. The course will commence with a full-day preconference workshop at the 2015 ITEEA Conference in Milwaukee, WI, followed by 1-4 online modules, 2-3 hours each, offered shortly after the conference.

Key details are as follows:

  • Stevens will conduct a full-day, hands-on pre-conference workshop for up to 20 educators on March 25, 2015. During this session, participants will build and test underwater robots, observe and discuss the science and engineering concepts involved, and learn about the supports included in the WaterBotics curriculum that can help guide students through the project.
  • This session will be followed by 1-4 online modules, 2-3 hours each, to be completed in the spring of 2015. These modules will focus on revisiting the work done in the pre-conference workshop in more detail and addressing how to incorporate programming into the project. To maximize flexibility for participants, these modules will mostly be self-directed, consisting of written materials, videos, screencasts, simulations, and sample programs. At the end of each week there will be a scheduled web support session to answer questions, provide help, and allow participants to learn what others are doing.
  • No materials or equipment are needed to participate in the pre-conference workshop. However, to continue the training with the follow-up online sessions, participants will need to purchase the curriculum as well as any LEGO and/or non-LEGO materials they may need.
  • Information about the curriculum may be found at and
  • All participants will receive a $100 stipend upon completion of the face-to-face pre-conference workshop to help offset costs.
  • Participants are encouraged to obtain the minimum necessary equipment needed to fully engage in the online sessions. A list of this equipment is provided below. Please review it before deciding to join the program. (A complete list of equipment for a full class implementation may be found at

Space is limited! If you are a middle or high school teacher, we encourage you to register early for this workshop. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Recommended Equipment for Online Sessions

LEGO® Materials

Other Supporting Materials